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Welcome to My Pet Care Directoryâ?¢ . We link to the best websites on just about anything to do with pet or animal care, as well as providing some very general information here on this site, just to steer you in the right direction.

Anything from veterinary advice to Christmas presents and everything in between.

We don't provide advice or sell anything! We're a â??directoryâ? and just help you find what you are looking for.

Our directory is human edited.

This means we check each website to ensure that only quality pet websites are listed . Many directories automatically accept any link that is submitted to them which results in useless or spam sites being listed.

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So why not submit your pet care website for consideration for listing? Itâ??s FREE , and we donâ??t insist that you link back to us either. However if youâ??d like to give us a reciprocal link, weâ??ll happily accept it.

If you have a pet or animal care related website with quality content, we encourage you to submit the details to our Pet Care Directory. Itâ??s not so much about how good it looks, but more importantly how good the content is.

We welcome submissions about:

Pet Care, Pet Clubs, Pet Products, Pet Services, Animal Welfare Organisations, Medical, Pet Friendly Accommodation and Travel, etc.

And yes we love personal websites about your best friend/s. We have a separate category just for those.

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Pet Health Questions
Find answers to your Pet Health Questions. Links to leading sites relating to Pet Health, Pet Care Information.
Pet Care Services
Find the Pet Care Services you need. What services are available and where to find them. List your Pet website for Free.
Pet Food
Find Pet Food Information, Free Coupons, Recipes, Food Recalls, Pet Gift Baskets and more.
Free Pet Stuff
Find Free Pet Stuff for your pets. List your own website for free.
Pet Selector Quiz
Pet Selector Quiz. Find the right pet for you. Simple tests to help you determine the right type of pet for your situation.
Pet Club
Use our Directory to locate a Pet Club near you. List your club or association for Free
Pet Business
Learn about starting or running your own Pet Business. Find websites that show you how to work for yourself in this fun and interesting field.
My Pet
My Pet. Show us your cute pet. You don't need a website, use ours.
Good Pet Names
What are some Good Pet Names I can call my pet? Find sites that will help you answer this in our pet care directory.
What's Coming Soon
See what's coming soon to this new world wide pet care directory. Add your Pet Website for Free
Go to our Directory to find websites about anything to do with Pet Care. Submit your own Pet Care website or your pet's personal website.
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Submit your Pet Care or Pet's Personal Website for Free to My Pet Care Also pet services or products, animal welfare, clubs, etc.
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