Where to get Free Pet Advice

Are you looking for free pet advice?

Did someone mention free? Everyone loves free!

Getting free pet advice is great, and there are many ways of getting it. Sure you won't normally get free advice on very involved or complex issues, however the answers to most general questions can be obtained free of charge.

So how do I go about getting my free advice?

The most obvious source is your local veterinarian. Many vets are happy to give free advice or information, particularly if you are a current or potential client. It's good public relations and advertising for them. Remember that they are a business as well as being animal lovers, so any sort of promotion is good for business.

Try ringing their surgery and ask to speak to one of the vets, explaining exactly what it is that you want. They may be busy and not be able to talk to you, however they may ask you to ring back later or they may even ring you back.

You could also try emailing them your question/s.

Keep in mind though that in many cases the vet won't be able to give you any sort of advice without first examining your pet. They may be good but they aren't psychic!

Animal clubs, such as the local dog club may be able to help with certain types of advice such as “which type of dog is best for me?†or “how do I go about training my dog?â€. Maybe you want information about grooming your cat or need advice on what to feed your new pet.

Clubs usually have members amongst them who have had many years of experience with particular types of animals and most are more than happy to share their knowledge with others. Some clubs specialise in a certain type or breed of animal, whereas others may welcome all breeds of a particular species.

Why not consider joining a local club that deals with your particular type of pet?

Clubs may have activities such as shows, competitions, classes for training your pet, and other functions.Not only will you learn more about your pet, but you will have fun as well.

If the free pet advice you require is specific to a particular breed of animal, then why not contact a breeder? Reputable breeders can be an excellent source of information. They generally have lots of experience and are usually happy to share it with others. Check with friends, a club or vet to see if they can recommend a reputable breeder in your area.

Websites can also be a great source of information. A GoogleTM search for the word “pet†brings back 235 million pages! So you need to be specific in your search.

There are lots of pet sites that contain general pet information and advice as well as some where you can ask questions (and hopefully get answers).

Your questions may be answered by a vet, a person experienced in that field, or if the site is a forum it could be answered by anyone that wants to contribute to the forum. If your question is of a medical nature and you aren't sure about the credibility or qualifications of the person answering it, you should consider getting more opinions, or better still, seeing a professional veterinarian.

We've included links to some of our favourite websites that provide free pet advice (coming soon).

Radio and television stations may also have programs where a resident or guest veterinarian or other pet professional will answer your questions. This may be live in the case of a radio program or usually delayed if it is on television, requiring you to send in your questions beforehand.

* If your pet is sick or injured you should not rely on or wait for free advice. Take it to a vet instead!

Your pets health is more important than saving a few dollars.

Getting free pet advice is great if it is not of an urgent nature.

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