Explore the possibility of Holistic Pet Care for your pet

Holistic pet care is about looking at all the alternatives available for the care of your pet and treating your pet as a whole, body and mind.

It doesn't mean that you ignore traditional veterinary medicine but rather compliment it using using a range of alternative health practices such as naturopathy, acupuncture, massage and many others.

Holistic pet care is very similar to human holistic care. How many of us use naturalistic medicines these days, practice yoga, use aromatherapy or meditate? Quite a lot of us! Alternative medicine is a booming industry.

The aim of holistic care is to embrace all of these, including traditional medicine, to provide your pet with well rounded care that is humane, non stressful and promotes a quality lifestyle.

Unless your vet is into holistic care, the best way of finding more information on the subject or for locating practitioners is probably by using the internet. There are many websites on the topic of holistic pet care so it's a matter of searching for the ones that interest you.

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