Make your own
Homemade Pet Food

Are you interested in fresh homemade pet food for your best friends?

Sure most of the pre-prepared food we buy from the supermarket or pet supply store is good, but sometimes it's nice to make our own fresh food. It can even save you money!

Making your own pet food isn't difficult and can even be lots of fun. You can even get the kids involved, just be sure to provide adequate supervision at all times.

Making our own food for our pets allows us to control exactly what goes into it. Most commercially manufactured pet foods contain preservatives and other chemicals in order to prevent them from spoiling, just as in human foods, so it's good to be able to make our own with fresh ingredients. They say, "Fresh is always best"!

We aren't suggesting that you “don't buy packaged or tinned pet foodâ€, merely that you also have the choice of making your own. These days there are also lots of freshly made pet foods available, particularly in larger cities and towns.

Making your own pet food isn't difficult.

There are lots of books that show you how to make your own pet food and absolutely heaps of pet food recipes available on the internet. Some websites are totally dedicated to homemade pet food. We've found lots of interesting and varied recipes which our pets just love.

*Before making your own pet food, we highly recommend that you research what should and shouldn't be in it. Some animals need particular vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc, so if you aren't sure check with your vet.

Search for sites about Homemade Food and Recipes in our Directory.

Got a great pet food recipe?

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