Natural Pet Care for your pets

Just as the name suggests, natural pet care is all about using natural (sometimes called alternative) methods and products for the well-being of your pets and animals.

This can range from feeding and nutritional requirements through to natural pet remedies and even natural shampoos or flee treatments.

Natural pet care is very similar to holistic pet care in many ways, the main difference being that holistic pet care tends to incorporate all methods for a complete lifestyle approach whereas natural care is usually used to describe a particular type of product or service. Sometimes the two descriptions are used interchangeably. It's probably more about peoples' perceptions than anything.

These days there are many natural care products and services available. For example, there may be a shop or practitioner in your area that specialises in natural remedies or products. Many natural practitioners such as chiropractors or naturopaths who normally treat people will also treat animals. Lots of health food shops also sell products that are suitable for animals. Try asking next time you visit your local health food store.

Should I use natural care in preference to traditional care?

We can't answer that for you! It will depend on your individual circumstances.

We suggest that you seek professional advice if you aren't sure. Try talking to your vet. Many vets use complimentary medicines and techniques and will usually be happy to discuss it with you.

Why not talk to friends or colleagues who have used natural care and get their opinions as well? They may be able to give you some good ideas about what works and what doesn't.

Use the internet! There is so much information out there on the world wide web, so why not use it? Just keep in mind though that not everyone who posts information on a website actually knows what they are talking about, so you may need to sort out the useful from the not so useful. If in doubt, either discard the information or ask a professional in that field.

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