Start your own Online Pet Business or Website

Have you ever thought about an online pet business?

Interested in running your own pet related business but don't have the time or finances to set up a bricks and mortar business? Yes....? Then read on!

Operating an online pet business could be the alternative you have been searching for!

The internet has provided many people with fantastic opportunities to make a living or supplement their income from home using a computer.

An important note before we go any further: There is no simple way of making money using the internet or any other honest means! Running an online business requires time, effort, quality products or services and enthusiasm just like any other business. Always seek professional advise before starting or buying a business.

One advantage an online business does have is the low overheads, but of course this will depend on the type and complexity of business you set up. If all you are providing is information then the costs should only be minor.

So what types of online pet businesses are there?

There are many different ideas you could look at for an online pet business. Here are just a few possibilities:

*Selling pet products online

*Selling or promoting other peoples' services or products

*Using the internet as an extension of your current business (sell or promote online)

*Providing professional advice for a fee (if you have expertise in a particular field)

*Providing an information website (probably the simplest and cheapest option)

Tell me more about running an information website then.

We are not internet or business experts by any means, but we are happy to tell you about our experiences and how we operate this website. Yes, this is an example of an information website, however it's mainly a directory, but the principals are the same. We've added a twist by having a directory with some information thrown in.

An information website is basically a means of sharing your knowledge and experiences with others. You don't need to be an expert, just the desire to share what you know or what you are interested in.

Everyone has a hobby, interest or some sort of experience in life. You may even have professional knowledge on a subject.

Did you say that you've had cats as pets since you were a child? Wow! How much experience and knowledge is that? Probably lots! Share that experience in your own words. There are lots of people who would love to read about it.

Are you a breeder of a particular type of bird or do you know how to make your own dog leads? There are sure to be people out there that are also interested in the same things and want to read about it.

You don't need to be an expert writer to become an infopreneur (that's just a nickname for people who make money from information). Research shows that for other than specific or technical type subjects, most people prefer to read something that was written using “mid high school†level English. Most of us can do that.

Most people also prefer reading something that you've written in your own words. It makes it feel more personal.

So how can you make money from an information website?

Firstly, there is no guarantee that any website will make money! However, the common methods people use to money on an information website are:

*Advertisements (such as Google® ads)

*Banner ads (those boxes with ads inside them, in all shapes and sizes)

*Referrals for other businesses

*Commission sales

*Subscriptions to your training programs

*Subscriptions to your paid information newsletters

*and many other ways, just use your imagination.

Will people visit my website if I build one?

The key to a successful website is more than just having a great looking layout. Even if you have the best looking website on the net, it's useless unless people actually find it. There are endless numbers of websites on the internet and you need to be found!

We've learnt that the key is to have “quality content†based on keywords that people actually type into the search engine. If you have a website that is search engine friendly with quality content, then the search engines will most likely find it. Of course there are lots of things we can do to make it more attractive to the search engines.

We started building websites as a hobby (and still do) about ten years ago, initially using very basic “free†templates and hosting. They seemed great at the time and were probably a good place to start. After a break of a couple of years we started playing around with more modern “free†websites. These are great for personal websites (for you or your pets) but normally have limitations on size and features and usually require you to pay if you want more.

Eventually we progressed to purchasing our own hosting (space on a server to store the website) and domain names (the web address, e.g. the and built websites using templates (pre-designed layouts) and programs such as Frontpage® which let you design websites very easily.

We actually learnt quite a lot from these experiences, and if you are only building websites for pleasure, this is probably a good way to start. Whilst we had fun building these websites, we had one major problem. Very few people ever found them!

As I said earlier, there isn't much point in having a website if no one can find it, especially if you are expecting to make money from it.

About this website

About two years ago, quite by accident, we stumbled onto something called Site Build It (SBI for short). That is how we are building this website.

It's a complete website package that does all the tedious and technical work for you. It allows you to concentrate on building your online business, not the technical aspects of the website.

It teaches you how to build an on-line business, how to decide what to make the website about, provides the templates or lets you design your own, provides the hosting and so much more..........; even the domain name is included.

But if we had to pick just one thing we like best about SBI, it's that it automatically notifies the major search engines each time we build a new page or modify an existing one. Actually we have another favourite thing about SBI, and that is that it analyses each page before we publish for “search engine criteriaâ€.

SBI also lets you integrate other external features if you need to such as blogs, shopping carts, forums and many other items.

This website actually has a separate directory attached to it. It's stored on a server operated by HostUpon. We added some directory software and created a new website but then integrated it into the SBI site, so now it's all one site; simple!

HostUpon is very good value if you want hosting to place your websites on. We pay just $4.95 per month for unlimited space and bandwidth with unlimited websites and it even includes a free domain name for the life of the hosting. It's as good (if not better) as any we've tried, and the service so far has been excellent. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Think an online pet business website could be for you?

We currently run our websites as a hobby and get lots of enjoyment from doing this. We may eventually turn it into a business one day.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself it is really not difficult. Start small with a simple website and grow from there. If you are serious about running an online pet business then the SBI model is probably a better option, however if you want to experiment with a hobby website first, then I would suggest standard hosting such as HostUpon or even a free website.

Whichever option you choose, have fun doing it.

Still not sure about writing? Why not read or download this FREE 48 page Netwriting Masters Course compliments of SBI? It's on our website so you won't need to give any of your details to anyone (not even to us).

It's full of great ideas in an easy to read format.

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