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Going on holidays and can't take your best friend with you? Then you will probably need pet boarding, unless of course you have a family member or friend who can look after it for you.

Pets should never be left home alone while you go away, even if you have left them food and water. Obviously this doesn't apply to situations like during the day (or night) while you are at work or you've gone to the movies or shopping, etc. We mean don't go on vacation and leave Fido to fend for himself. Unfortunately it does happen!

If a pet can't be placed in boarding for whatever reason and does have to be left at home while you are away for extended periods, then you need to ensure that a responsible person will go and check on your pet everyday, feed it, play with it, take it for a walk everyday (dogs), check that it can't get out, take it to the vet if necessary and all the other things you would normally do for your pet.

What if Fido barks all night because he's lonely? Do the neighbours know how to get hold of you in an emergency?

If your pets can't go and stay with family or friends, and you don't have anyone staying at your home while you are away, then you are probably better off using pet boarding.

These days the boarding available can range from basic to absolutely luxurious.

Most larger cities have a varied range of accommodation for you to choose from, from the luxury pet hotels of Beverley Hills and the like, through to basic boarding at a private facility or local animal shelter. It all depends on what you want and can afford. Smaller cities and towns may not have a very large choice or may not have any pet boarding at all.

Costs will vary on the type of boarding you choose, the location (large cities are usually higher), the type and size of animal you have, and whether you want it to have all the little luxuries available. Many boarding facilities now offer massages, TV, air conditioning, grooming, and a host of other options.

House sitters are also another option. You can have someone stay in your house (usually for free) in return for looking after your pets and home, however it needs to be someone reliable whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. The are also house sitting agencies that specialise in finding and arranging house sitters.

Another option again is a professional pet carer/pet sitter who will either look after your pet/s at their own home or will visit your home on a daily basis.

Whichever option you choose, it has to be one you feel comfortable with. After all, they are your best friends!

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