Learn about starting or running your own Pet Business

Are you interested in pet care as a profession? Why not look into starting or running your very own pet business?

Working with pets can be lots of fun. Pet care is a rapidly growing field, particularly in the western world, where people are always busy with their modern fast paced lifestyles.

Many people just don't have the time or energy to care for their pets properly so they engage the services of pet care professionals.

*Being busy is not an excuse for not looking after your pets!

There are many different types of businesses you can set up which are related to pet care. You don't need to be a vet to work with animals. Many smaller businesses can be run from home with minimal equipment and space. Some pet businesses are mobile and actually go to the customers home. This can be very convenient for people who don't have the time or ability to come to you.

Some examples of popular businesses are:

-Dog walking

-Pet sitting

-Pet grooming

-Pet boarding

-Pet websites

-Making pet food & treats

-Pet daycare

-Designing & making pet clothes & toys

-Pet transport

-Pet accessories

-Pet photographer

-Dog poop scooping

-Pet obedience trainer

and many more

Running a business involves much more than just working with animals!

You need to be aware that running a business can be very demanding as well as rewarding. Apart from the main job of doing what your business is about, there is the business planning, book keeping, tax reporting, advertising and promotion, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and/or premises and dealing with people.

Yes dealing with people! Pets have carers and they are the ones who pay your fees, so as with any business, you have to deal with people at some stage. They aren't really that bad!

***Always seek professional advice before you set up any business***

These days there are many laws that govern the operation of a business. These will obviously depend on your country and location, so get professional advice from someone in your area. You should also prepare a business plan BEFORE you start your business. Again, get help from a professional.

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