Locate a Pet Club near you

Do you belong to a pet club? If you don't, why not consider joining one?

Belonging to a club can be lots of fun, interacting and socialising with people who have similar interests to you. Clubs may organise competitions, shows, training sessions and other activities as well as social functions.

Not only can it be enjoyable but it can also be beneficial. Most clubs have at least some members who are very experienced in looking after and caring for animals. These people can be a wealth of knowledge, particularly in relation to the type/s of animals the club is about.

Pet and animal clubs usually tend to focus on one type of animal or even a specific breed of animal. They can be found in all sorts of locations all around the world.

So how do I find a club near me?

You can try looking in the telephone directory, community notice boards, ask a friend or even your local vet. And of course there is the internet!

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