Find out how and where to get Free Pet Food Coupons

Do you want free pet food coupons? Of course you do, everyone does.

Did you realise that it is possible to get vouchers for free and/or discounted pet food? Yes it's true.

Manufacturers are keen to get you to try their products so many are willing to give you free samples or discounts on purchases.

What's the catch?

As with most free things there is usually a catch, but not necessarily a major one. The main one is usually that they get your contact details which means they can send you promotional material about their products. A bit of junk mail in return for some free or discounted pet food doesn't sound too bad does it? You can always unsubscribe if it gets too much.

There is also another catch, well sort of. You can't keep sending in or using free coupons! Most companies will usually have a limit of one per person or per household. They want you to try it, not feed your pets at their expense. If your are very sneaky, you could get your friends or family who don't have pets to get a sample for you. Obviously we aren't suggesting that you actually do it; that would be dishonest!

How does it work?

Basically you get a coupon which you either send in to the manufacturer or take to a participating store or supermarket where you will receive either a free sample or a discount off your purchase. At some stage you will probably have to provide some contact details, either when you print out the coupon or when you hand/send it in. In some cases you won't need to provide any details at all.

So where do I get my free pet food coupons from?

The easiest way to get coupons is probably to print them from a manufacturers website. You can also find them in magazines and promotional material. On the odd occasion we've even had sample packs just turn up in the mail box. There are also lots of websites whose specific purpose is provide coupons/vouchers on behalf of manufacturers and suppliers. They normally get a fee or commission for promoting the vouchers.

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