All about Pet Food

Food, glorious food! We love it and so does your pet.

So which pet food is best for our furry friends? We can't answer that as it will depend on the type of animal and sometimes each individual animal. There are so many different types and brand on the market theses days so finding the one that is best for your pet isn't easy. Obviously your pet will let you know if it doesn't like the taste of what you feed it.

*If your pet gets sick or has a reaction from the food you gave it, get veterinary assistance immediately and properly dispose of any uneaten food.

If you have concerns about what to feed your pet, you could contact your local pet club or consult a veterinarian.

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The pet food industry is big business these days and it can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Obviously we aren't going to let our pets go hungry but we can reduce the costs involved.

There are different ways we can do this. One way is to get free food samples from the manufacturers. This won't eliminate your food bill but it will save you a few dollars, particularly if get one sample from each manufacturer that is offering free samples or gives you a discount voucher.

Ever thought about making your own pet food ? We don't mean the scraps off the dinner table!

There are lots of books and websites full of yummy recipes for all types of animals. Why not purchase a pet recipe book or even get free recipes on the internet? At least you will know what's in it.

Is your pet having a birthday or are you looking for that perfect Christmas present for Fido?

How does a pet gift basket sound? Just like a human one only full of goodies suited to your pet.

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