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Do you need to find pet groomers in your area?

Most pets will need some sort of grooming, particularly ones with fur.

It could be as simple as having their coat brushed every few days, having their nails clipped or maybe even a complete makeover. Bath time! ..... RUN!!! Evie loves playing in water but just try giving her a bath!

It all depends on the type of pet/s you have, the reason you are doing it, and how much time and money you are willing to spend.

People who show their animals in competitions or exhibitions may spend many hours and sometimes a considerable amount of money on grooming. Some will even get professional groomers to do it for them. There's also mobile pet grooming services available in many areas.

These days pet groomers are very common in most cities and can be found in the local telephone directory or on the internet. As with vets, your pet also needs to feel comfortable with the groomer, so sometimes you may need to try a couple before you find one that your pet likes, however most people in this industry are animal lovers and are good at making your pet feel at ease. Animals are great at sensing “animal loving†humans!

Grooming your pet does not have to be expensive. You can usually do it yourself with just a few basic items. The items you require will obviously depend on the type of pet you have. Grooming a dog for example will probably require a pair of nail clippers, one or two brushes and a good quality shampoo. Sure there are lots of other items you can buy but the basics will usually be sufficient for most people.

*It is very important to only use cleaning agents or cosmetics that have been designed for that particular type of animal.

Some products designed for use on one type of animal (or even for humans) may not be suitable for use on other types of animals, and may even harm your pet. You should read the instructions carefully to make sure they are suitable. Many professional groomers also sell grooming products, so if you are having difficulty sourcing a particular item, try contacting a pet groomer in your area.

Are you interested in doing your own pet grooming but don't know how?

There are many short courses available to teach you about pet grooming. Many community colleges, clubs and private trainers run such courses and can usually be undertaken in a class situation or over the internet.There are also courses available for those that wish to become professional groomers.

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