Use a Pet Selector Quiz
to find the right pet for you

Not sure which type of pet to get? Try using a pet selector quiz to help you decide!

It's not always easy to decide what type of animal to get or even the breed. But before you even take the first step towards getting a pet, think about whether you are prepared to look after it for the rest of its life.

A pet will become a member of your family and is not something you can play with for a while and then discard. Like any other family member it will require feeding, exercise, medical care and lots of love and attention. And it will cost you money.

You should never buy a pet for yourself (or anyone else) unless you (or they) are prepared to look after it properly for life. Remember that some animals can live as long as a person!

Assuming you've had a long think about it and you are prepared to take on the responsibility of looking after an animal; so what sort should you choose? A bird....a dog.... a cat? Ok, so you decide a dog is what you want. Now what breed of dog should I get?

There are many things to consider when deciding on the type of pet that is right for you and your particular situation.

Do you live in a house with a backyard or in an apartment, will it live indoors or out, are you an active person, are you allergic to hair/fur, how much time do you have to look after your new pet? ....... and the list just goes on!

So how do I decide what is right for me? Well there is no simple answer. Try talking to friends who have pets, contact local animal clubs, or you can even use a pet selector quiz. You can find these in magazines and books and most certainly on the internet.

A quiz can't guarantee to find you the perfect type of pet but it will at least give you some ideas. And they are fun to do!

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