Find the right Pet Sitting or Day Care for your pet

Do you have to go to work and don't want to leave your pet alone? Pet sitting or day care may be what you need.

Going on vacation and can't take your pet/s but don't want to place them in a boarding facility? Then pet sitting in your own home or that of the carer may be the answer.

Many people can't stand the thought of leaving their beloved pets home alone all day while they go to work. So what does the modern pet lover do? They arrange pet sitting at their local pet day care centre of course!

These days day care isn't just for young children. It's available for dogs, cats, birds and many other animals. However it is usually dogs that mostly utilise these services.

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Day care centres usually have trained staff who will not only look after your pet but also play with it, feed it, take it for a walk (where applicable such as with dogs), groom it as well as ensuring it also gets its rest. It all depends on what you want them to do and of course how much you are willing to pay!

So how much does day care cost?

Costs could vary significantly, however average fees for a dog can range from $10 - $25 for a half day to $15 – 40 for a full day, depending on the facility and location. Additional fees may apply for extra options such as pick up and drop off, late pick up and overnight stays. Food is usually included in the cost. Sitters that operate from home usually charge less.

*Remember that these are only very approximate figures. Discounts normally apply for weekly and monthly bookings. As this is an international site, we have used U.S. Dollars for the examples.

Pet day care centres will usually require that guests have up to date vaccinations and flea/lice treatments and be spayed. You will also be required to sign a document which allows the centre to obtain emergency veterinary care at your expense should the need arise.

How do I find a suitable pet day care centre?

A recommendation from a friend or person who has used a particular centre is a good place to start. The telephone directory will probably list many of the ones in your area. And then there is the internet, the place where you can find just about anything.

We recommend that you visit the centre you intend to use and check out its facilities prior to making a booking. Take your pet along as well and see that you all feel comfortable with the place and staff. Many centres insist that you do this anyway.

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