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Many of us will require pet transportation at some stage or other, whether it be across town, across the country or even across the world.

These days it's possible to transport animals to most places on the planet.

There are many pet transport companies that specialise in moving animals of all types. These companies can usually arrange the whole process for you, including the hire/sale of suitable containers, quarantine procedures, airline/ship bookings, temporary housing, and pick up and delivery.

If travelling by air/sea carrier or internationally, you must use an approved container, otherwise they will not be accepted. Check with your transport company for any specific requirements.

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) website has lots of good information on the transport of animals by air.

A good pet container will ensure that your pet arrives safely and securely with a minimum of stress.

Suitable containers can usually be obtained from pet stores, online, vets, container manufacturers and pet transport companies. If the trip is just a “one offâ€, it may be more economical to hire one from the transport company.

In the past it was common for animals to be sedated prior to being transported, however these days it is discouraged except where required for medical or other reasons, and then only under the guidance of a vet. Again, the IATA website has good information on this topic.

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