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Hopefully you will never have a need for specialist veterinary services, however if there is a need it's nice to know if they are available and where to find them.

Your local veterinarian can treat most things, but just like us humans, there is sometimes a need for more specialised treatment. (Yes we can spell Specialised, it's Aussie spelling. We use “s†instead of “z†in many words)

Perhaps your best friend needs some advanced dental work, physiotherapy or perhaps an eye problem that requires further treatment. Your vet will usually put you in contact with the appropriate person if specialist veterinary services are needed however there may be times when you want a second opinion, the specialisation your require may not be available in your area, or you don't feel comfortable with the person you've been referred to.

For these or numerous other reasons, knowing how to locate the specialist you require is important, so we'll have a look a few ways we can go about finding them.

Firstly, your vet will have many professional contacts and associates that s/he can refer you to. These will usually be people or clinics that they normally deal with and probably have done so for many years.

A recommendation from a friend or family member who has actually used a particular specialist can also be a good place to start. They could also make you aware of any bad experiences they may have had.

Don't forget the internet! The world's largest library.

Love it or hate it, the internet is here to stay..... So make the most of it! You are obviously internet savvy otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, would you?

You can find just about anything on the internet these days, specialist veterinary services included. Not only can you look for specialists in your own area but also across the world. A friend of mine is a veterinary ophthalmologist (animal eye specialist) and regularly conducts clinics overseas.

There are many situations where the specialist service you require may not be available locally, particularly if you live in a smaller or remote city or town. This may mean a long drive to a larger or capital city or in extreme cases even going internationally (depending on your finances), so using the internet to find suitable practitioners can be very useful.

Just like almost every other topic, an internet search will bring back a multitude of websites, some of which will be useful, some which are not, so it is a matter of sifting through them and finding what you are looking for.

The local telephone directory is always useful reference but usually only contains advertisements from the local area, so it may be necessary to view directories from other locations. Telephone directories can be valuable when you are away from home such as on vacation and you aren't familiar with what is available locally.

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